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[DMT] ESP (Wallhack) mod for A17


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What is it?


This mod enables you to see zombies and dangerous animals through walls.

It is NOT a hack or illegal program, and is made by modding.

You can't play this mod with EAC enabled.







Gameplay video



Texts and icons on the screen


In the upper left corner of a screen, it shows the number of enemies near the player, their current activity (idle, investigating, or attacking) and state (flying or running). Also, the distance to the nearest enemy is shown.


The color of off-screen enemy icon represents an enemy activity.

  • Gray: Sleeping
  • White: Idle
  • Yellow: Investigating
  • Red: Attacking




v1.1 for Alpha 18.2

v1.0 for Alpha 17.4


How to use


This mod must need DMT Modding Tool to work.

Download the latest version of DMT from here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?117235-DMT-Modding-Tool.

You can use this mod by following these steps.

1. Launch DMT.

2. Click Settings menu option.

3. Set Mod Folder and Game Location, and click Save button.

4. Extract the downloaded zip file of the mod to Mod Folder.

5. Click the check box for the mod.

6. Click Build button and wait for build completion.

7. Click Play button and enjoy :)


If you need the details, the DMT manual can be found here: https://7d2dmods.github.io/HarmonyDocs/index.htm?InitialSteps.html


This mod doesn't work with SDX.




I'll update this mod to make sure it work with latest stable version of 7 days to die . Any feedback is welcome! :smile-new:

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