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I haven't posted or played in awhile as I have been trying to pass the time while waiting for certain features to make it into the game.


1) I am mainly waiting for the "Bandits/Survivor" factions to make their way in. The follower/pet feature described before appealed to me as well. Raising a wolf/bear cub to protect your camp or even a human npc doing the same job sounds fun.


2) Fishing had been discussed last time I was on but not in any kind of depth. I'd love to take a wooden or aluminum row boat out on the lake with a case of beer and catch some bass.


3) I love playing a survival game even one without story and 7 Days is one of the best (I even enjoyed Fallout 76 Somehow), but from what I remember the Fun Pimps were working on a story and quest-line.


Does anyone know if some or all of these features are still planned to be added eventually?

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Well you're definitely going to wait for Bandits/Survivor mechanics. A18 focuses on reworking a lot about the looting, skills, fighting and progression (from what i feel about it). Haven't heard anything about fishing, although the more in-the-loop people could tell you more, although i wouldn't put my 2 cents on it being anywhere close either.


Concerning story and quest-line, A17 introduced general quests, which i take is a good basis for creating a very advanced storyline, as well as side quests. I'm pretty sure you will see more story when survivors and bandits come in, because things will tie in better.


Apart from that, i suggest going into A18, as we all assume will be way more fun than A17, not to mention the RWG will be enhanced quite a lot.

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Looking into my crystal ball I'd say:


Bandits are (together with the story) the last important feature before they can release version 1.0 and leave EA. They also want to release 1.0 in the near future (i.e. 2020). My guess is that they will have working bandits in the game in summer and release the game end of 2020 or until summer 2021. Those bandits will be mainly used as static guards in camps that will be high level objectives, maybe also as surprise visitors in late game horde nights. I doubt TFP will use them in areas where their path finding and intellect will be taxed too much (i.e. as wandering hordes or followers) and so avoid many problems. Bandits 2.0 (i.e. wandering,following NPCs) might be developed after release, if at all.


Fishing is an optional feature that they won't touch until they have reworked water physics (optional as well). MM said a few times they want to rework water but it is task that is likely to be pushed to a time after release or dropped completely. At least if RWG continues to need further fine tuning which I expect to be the case for another year. If fishing ever becomes reality I expect it to be far in the future.


Story will be rudimentary, 1) through suggestive scenes or documents found in special POIs showing the history of the zombie outbreak and 2) through bandit/survivor camps that provide two factions to the game. One of which you can trade with, the other is the end game enemy. Since TFP has finally decided that their low-level framework is good enough you will be surprised how fast they will add such content (at least compared to previous alphas)

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