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Returning Vet I Guess LOL


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I used to be pretty active on the forums and used to help with a great deal of modding as well as other things. Miss the old days ROFL. Anyway I was going through all of my installed games and noticed that I had 7DTD still installed and fully updated to the latest updates. I figured I would start playing again and check it out.


I also figured why not make a series on my YouTube channel about 7 Days to Die. Should be pretty fun and exciting. You will be able to subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so you know when the first video launches (Well be very soon).


I normally take a full day of playing, then a full day of editing, then a full day of brainstorming how I want the video posted on YouTube; however, I try to keep new releases on a day to day bases. So please keep and eye open and turn on notifications for when my 7 Days to Die series starts up.



Click the link, Subscribe and turn on the notifications so you know when the first episode drops.




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