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Factions and groups

Adam the Waster

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So scene Bandits are Coming i have ideas for factions and groups you can encounter


Survivors: Armor: any , Quest: any ,Tempormt: friendly or hostile. these people are just random people found all around the wasteland you can trade with them, threaten them , and do quest for them and if you have a land claim block they can be recruited. live in random POI'S


Bandits: Armor: any , quest: Bounties , Clear , Ransoms , Raid , Delivery. , Temperament Mostly Hostile but some are Friendly.

theses meatheads go and Pillage other survivors and have patrols they won't attack you but the more your attack them the more chance of them attacking you an your base. they are armed with nearly every weapon and even have their own live in there Camps and POI'S


White River: Armor: any , Quest: Bounties , Recovery , Salvage , clear area , Delivery , Recon. Tempormet: Friendly.

these guys are Survivalist trying to help people in the waste by making tek that would help everyone and are the number one traders



The Law: Armor: bullet proof vest , swat armor. Quest: Bounties , Areset , Recovery. Temperament: friendly but if you kill the innocent they will come after you. these people were part of the Police and swat team's of the old world and Plage to keep the wasteland from being Lawless



Old World Reminets: Armor: Hazmat , And military armor. Temperament: Neutral. quest Recovery , Recon , Delivery , Supply run. these old world group of the Military try to make things back to normal but they have some of the best gear and hord it.


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