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Backpack Modding Older Alphas


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I often play the older alphas just for fun and something slightly different.


The one mod I'd like to apply is the backpack size, to save a lot of back'n'forthing with loot. I have mods done by others from A13 on, but not for previous alphas.


I've followed THIS tutorial, but was unable to find any reference to the backpack size in the relevant place within assembly-csharp.dll for Alphas 12 and 9.


To check I was doing it right, I tried it with A16 and instantly found and was able to mod the size in that. Was it done a different way in the older alphas? Was a dll edit even necessary then?


Be nice if anyone who can remember would chime in and save me some (i.e. a lot of...) head scratching.



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