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Something More Serious Update.....9/22/2019


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I would like to inform the 7 days to die community. But First I have something to say.


I have been a big supporter of this game for many years, my entire group was built for it.

I have seen huge success and major failures.

I have been world wide, I have seen 200+ at the same time.

I have lead many people, and i have seen it all dead.


7 days to die gave me an online Family,

Over the years it was 365/24/7.

Something More Serious.

It lives on in a smaller state.


I want to thank TFP for creating this game.

It gives me a purpose to carry on when i have none.

I am a leader, my past only reflects what i have learned and refined.

I have one cheater to thank for all of this. That made me want to become a protector.


Even after almost 5 years I am still here.

24/7 365 7 days to die is online within my group.

Not many can say that, I do and i can.

I have created bridges and burned them down.


Now I am facing the most difficult time in my life.

The loss of my mother of 76 years old.

I have recovered mostly but some things need a lot of time.

Now I need my group more then ever.


SMS has been my online Family for years.

They have taken care of me.

I have taken care of them.

SMS is being rebuilt for the last time.


Everything i have learned is going into this group.

My heart and soul are present.

Time for me to give back for everything in the way i know best.

Protecting players and making sure they are well taken care of.


Thank you to the fun pimps.

Something More Serious.

Noobs Inc.









I apologize if this is not suitable for the forums of 7 days to die.

I just want to show my gratitude and share with the Family I learned to love and care for.

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