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New Armor!

Adam the Waster

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Plastic: class light: looks like make shift football gear and its better then padded and more mobile then leather


Football Gear: class light: much better then leather can't craft until you get a perk book. but not as good as military armor


Reinforced Scrap: Class Heavy: with a Mix of Hide iron and Plastic you get a better set of armor better the Scrap but not as good as iron


Reinforced Leather: class Light: a Mix Of Leather , Cloth and plastic you get a better set of armor


SWAT/Riot: Class Heavy: a Armor made with iron and military fiber (you earn it by reading a book) and you get a Armor almost as good as Steel but as light as Military armor. and makes you almost Bullet proof


Armored Hazmat suit: class Light: a suit of Hazmat gear that's armor keeps your temperate even and gives armor the same as Military gear.


Armored Duster: Class Heavy: A heavy braced Duster that has Thick pads of Steel and Military Fiber .


Fire Fighter Gear: Class light: while giving you the same protection as Leather but makes you Fire proof if you have the Full set,


Small Sets


Bullet proof Vest: looks like a Police vest and is slightly weaker then military


Hard Hat: just as good as a scrap helmet


Construction worker vest: gives Ok armor but able to Craft stuff 2XS faster


Lab Coat: no protection but gives you +1 crafting quality


police BDU: has a Police badge and is Navy blue same for bottoms.


Prisoner Jumpsuit: lol







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