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performance question


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Hi, I have acquired the 7 days ot die years ago. I wonder if I could play the game in minimum graphics at 1024 in this notebook?.

● Intel Apollo Lake Pentium J4205 processor (2M Cache, 1.5 GHz up to 2.6 GHz)

● Intel HD Graphics 505 GPU

●8 gb ram 2222ghz

512gb ram sata m.2

Very grateful and sorry if it is not correct category.

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That's well below the min spec for a17. a18 may end up being playable on it though if the optimizations work out. Maybe not looking at the lack of a GPU though.

You're looking at a laptop that was current 8 years ago, and obsolete when the game went into development.

If unfortunately the processor is relatively good, the GPU is short.

first of nothing thanks for you answer, Fantastic I hope the alpha 18 has a considerable optimization it's great news

I play 7 days on my desktop pc

apu a10 5800k 4 core 4.2ghz

2gb video integrated.

and suffer with this hahaha game, I remember that I had to downgrade windows 10 to 7 because I did not work the game LOL


thanks for everything. when I install the game I will tell you if it worked I bought the laptop online new.

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This is what Notebookcheck says about your gpu.


"Due to its lack of dedicated graphics memory or eDRAM cache, the HD 505 has to access the main memory via processor (2x 64bit DDR3L-/LPDDR3-1866, LPDDR4-2400).




The HD Graphics 505 should be slightly slower than the older Core-M GPU HD Graphics 5300, so modern games (as of 2016) will rarely run smoothly even at the lowest settings."


I'd predict you might get 4-5 FPS for a brief moment before you crash.



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yes thanks I turn it off tree quality medium or hight and texture medium (everything else you mentioned deactivated)


I also believe to increase the fps more when I degrade windows 7 (currently it is windows 10 pro)

I experienced an increase going from 7 to 10, but your mileage may vary.

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I'll tell you a secret, it's not a laptop, it's an XD mini PC, try installing Windows 7 and it can't.

I will wait for the alpha18 to adjust the fps thanks for everything in Beelzybub / SylenThunder.

؟they know how many fps they will earn in alpha 18 but overall?



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