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Naveszgane Football League Book's (FAN MADE)

Adam the Waster

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I just Got a idea Randomly For the Books in A18


The One Idea i had was called "Navezgane Football league" or NFL


the Perks

1 Training: when Running you have a 45% Chance of not using Stamina when running or Attacking


2 Maintenance: able to craft Z team and S team Football Gear(with Plastic Leather and Cloth) and you Get a more Stamina and 25% chance of not getting stunned


3 illegal Tactics: your brawling weapon (like Brass knuckles) get more Damage and When running if you Hit the Head you get a 100% chance of knocking out there Teeth and a 50% of a Knock down


4 true mans Drink: Able to craft Mega Crush with( Grain Alcohol , 4 coal , 2 Acid and 8 Golden Rod)


5: go long: Able to throw Pipe bombs , Molotov's , spears , and Grenade's farther and spears do more Damage when thrown.


Collector Bones: Stamina Drain is Reduced by 25% and when wearing a full set of football gear when Running you gain more speed(caped) and if your Run full speed you can tackle zombie's they get knocked down and damaged(can Work in a horde) Uses 10 stamina per Zombie


Just kinda bored and i thought about it lol

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