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I always thought the bandaging system in the game was a bit broken, because you never saw the effects of bandaging someone else, mainly because you cant see the buff which is applied.

I have reworked the bandaging system for secondary usages:


medicalBandage, medicalFirstAidBandage and medicalFirstAidKit all have double effects on team mates, plus add an immediate 10, 20, 50 health directly to the other player. So its more beneficial to have team mates heal you rather than doing it yourself.


medicalBloodDrawKit can now be used on other people (even in non pvp). It will also remove 20 health when it is used and apply anemia as usual. But now your teammates can steal your blood and give you bad status effect.



-Figure out how to stop players stealing blood from zombies, its not exactly fresh.



The game engine doesnt always apply the anemia buff and remove health on first usage, only the second usage.




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Initialize the zombies with a isUndead buff that the blood draw checks for and fails on if it exists?


Thank you for the idea. I checked if there was a requirement anywhere which checked against alive or dead but found a player option. So inside the action1 I have added :

<requirement name="EntityTagCompare" tags="player"/>


I need a friend to test it on, so ill report back in a few hours.

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