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Looking for friends for a new server


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I'm considering renting a server and setting up a mostly difficult world. Looking for 2-3 people who want to work together in a world where we actually have to work hard to survive.


I don't like pvp and I don't use any exploits or crazy maze type structures to exploit the ai or anything like that. I don't hardcore roleplay nor am I some elite player who knows all the tricks to level up as fast as possible. I play casual and just play to survive.


The world I would setup, resources would be low, experience would be slow, Z's would be strong, and we would be forced to work together either in the same base or very near each other. With low experience people would have to specialize a lot more, so we would have to share and work together.


Adults only please, and would mostly play evenings/nights Pacific time. I'd also make sure the game host would be on the west coast as I live in California and hopefully if anyone wants to join me, they would also live somewhere in the pacific time zone for the best ping times.


I would also set a password for the server so we can play in peace without random people jumping on and griefing us.

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