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An Endless Challenge Idea


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Hi guys, recommended this way from the Subreddit, with an idea I would like to throw out there.


The problem I generally have with open world games like Minecraft, Elite: Dangerous, Raft, 7D2D, etc, is I run out of things to do. Make a big, sweet base, and kind of get bored because you're not challenged. I know I'm not the only person, and I've had a few friends not want to pick up the game because of this issue. Something I like, and would like to see more in games is an endless challenge system with an objective, and I have an idea for 7D2D.


Right now, the game basically revolves around "Survive". Cool, love it, and that's totally fine for those who want to stay there. I think there should be a further mechanic based around "Reclaim". The point would be to use Land Claim Block Mk. 2 to claim an area like the original one, but mechanically it does three things:


- Enemies can't spawn inside the zone, and this included POI zombies.

- Quests can't be triggered at those POI's that are reclaimed.

- The zombies that WOULD spawn within them, are now spawned outside, and attempt to work their way back in.


This would add an element of group scaling and an objective for players, as well as a challenge that you eventually can't overcome and find your limit. How large of an area can you safely control? Do you want to claim a town, or city and build a server community around it? It gives players control over how extreme they want the defense mechanic to be, lots of roleplaying options, and plenty of cooperative reasons.

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