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[World] Small Island - custom map - A19 b180 ready

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Hi Sam,


Thank you so much for updating your world.  I love your work and hope to learn how to create my own similar world in the future.  :)  


I went ahead and placed an updated version of my prison where you had placed my old one and it still fits perfectly.  I had to move it closer to the road though since I trimmed it down recently in order for it to play test normally within t he prefab editor.  Once I release my updated prison, will send you a copy if you would like to continue using it on your map.



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On 10/5/2020 at 4:34 AM, Samdaman1995 said:

The download link doesn't seem to work.

Should work, but Google Chrome is giving me a warning message too for the  download, cause it is no https, hmm, i should start hosting the files elsewhere. Until now it was never a problem.
Download itself should work if you proceed anyway.

The map itself is downloaded as you connect to the server, but the prefabs arent (afaik), which is sad.

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