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Looking for feedback on my Super Carrier POI


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I'm not quite done yet still have more testing to do however i want to get it out for some feedback for the final version before a18. So i've created a "showcase map" and put it on a server for anyone to try it out =).

Now that A18 has come out i'm working on the the conversion and refitting it with a18's new blocks. With luck i'll have it available as a rwg modlet in time for stable ;)


More Screenshots

The map

The Aircraft Carrier


Server (Now Offline)

I recreated the old horde mode (bloodmoon & airdrops every night) and a small map (0.64k)




prefab Files:


or if you'd rather try it out yourself or host your own server here are the map & prefab files:


Next month will take me to the 1 year mark since i started so i'm anxious to see what people think of it:smile-new:. The "final" version will be a rwg modlet i just need to finish testing to track down the last few issues.


Install instructions and important note


To Install Single Player

Copy the Data Folder to your 7 Days To Die directory when asked to overwrite say yes.

default location (windows) is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die

Copy the folder "Carrier Crater" to your generated world folder

default location (windows) is:


start a new game and select Carrier Crater


To Install Server

Copy the Data Folder to your 7 Days To Die Server directory when asked to overwrite say yes.

default location (windows) is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Dedicated Server

Copy the folder "East Soaxa County" to your generated world folder

default location (windows) is:


ServerConfig xml

Set Both Save Game Name and World Gen Seed To Carrier Crater

Set World Gen Size To 640

Start Server

Note: Client install of the prefabs is required to have the distant meshes function


Important note

The Carrier's distant mesh has issues with the default maximum view distance. To avoid problems you must hit F1 at the main menu of 7 Days To Die and type: sg optionsviewdistance 11

This must be done every time you start the game and changing video options ingame will reset the setting and you will need to quit out to the main menu and type it in again.


Also quests are broken on this map. myself and others tried to get them working but were unable to. quests that require you to go to a location display the following "distance to xxx 0.0m" and quests such as "drunk and disorderly" only give xp when completed the last part going to a trader to turn in is missing but it still completes. I believe it has something to do with the small size of the map and all that can be done is to either ignore quests or comment them out in quests.xml and/or items. Not great but hey, A18 is around the corner and the map is just there to showcase the carrier anyway.


To Uninstall

In Steam right click 7 Days To Die and click properties, then the local files tab and left click on

"verify integrity of game files"

you may also want (optional) to delete the following prefab files & Generated World Files with the names:


-Folder In Generated Worlds "Carrier Crater"

Prefab Files













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this is considered a single poi?


just how big is it?


The map was generated with nitrogen with a dtm from a17. 0 and a tweaked splat map. I then made the ice lake with simple terrain prefabs. The carrier on its own is 331x76x91. The final version will be a single prefab in rwg. The other prefabs are just for this specific map.

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Thank you it sure has been a beast of a project but I'll be happy when it's finally finished haha


- - - Updated - - -


I've pondered doing some lore explaining the how where why etc maybe do something with quests or notes ;)


- - - Updated - - -


It's the flying kind...😎


Haha think madmole would be receptive to the idea?

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i am having issues with the mesh, when i explore inside the ship, when i came up the mesh is completly unload, and the block shapes dont show correctly, everything is a cube, nothing loads, i have a i5 7k 1070 6gb and 8gb RAM


read original post "Important note"

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you need a backstory ?

The Philadelphia Experiment


that can explain how the ship got there, kindda

and instead of everyone being fused to the deck, allegedly

the teleportation mutated them all, so we get zombies instead

works for me :smile-new:


That's an interesting idea, but the carrier is based on the ford class carrier and that began construction in 2005 long after 1943 plus that was a destroyer instead of a aircraft carrier. Hats off tho pretty good idea =)

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