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Alternate Command Buttons


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I suffer from severe carpal tunnel syndrome. It is EXTREMELY bad playing this game, particularly in my right hand as I control the mouse to build, mine, or even engage in combat. Constant clicking and right clicking or holding down the mouse button to mine or chop trees really aggravates the condition which in my case isn't aggravated by playing other games or even typing. I have two very simple requests...


1. Please, please, please add some alternate keys for each of the keyboard/mouse mappings. I would love to keep my mouse assignments unchanged, but still have an alternate key on the left side of my keyboard (I am right handed) so I can easily switch hands without having to remap my primary and secondary mouse buttons. It would allow me to let go of the mouse, and give my hand a break while my left hand continues to interact with the game.


2. Add a SHIFT-Click function to primary fire to lock it on. This will be especially helpful in mining as it won't require me to continuously depress the mouse button, and all I have to do is move the mouse or move with WASD to continue forward progression through the mine. This will save a LOT of added stress on my already enflamed carpal tunnel, and it will mean less physical pain from playing the game.


These simple additions will greatly improve my game experience and the game experience of many other players who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. It will also contribute to our health and wellness as we battle the symptoms of this terrible condition.


Thank you,

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I don't think I have quite as bad of problem, but I do get really sore hands often.


I run a Logitech G910 keyboard with 3 modes of 9 customized macro keys. Additionally, the G600 Logitech gaming mouse with 12 buttons on the thumb side. I have made countless key binds for playing 7DTD. I have made a keyboard macro that continuously clicks the left mouse button, and is toggleable. Also a Auto miner of sorts...… left clicks 4 times, then takes a step forward.

Auto woodcutter could be worked too, after lining up trees at the minimum of 4 blocks apart, the rest is just adjusting the click timing for the macro to move to the next tree.


Also, I do believe you can change your in game Keybilnds, May change left and right click to arrow keys, or pageup & Pagedown keys. OR put them on macro keys as well for the keyboard. I hope one day they add a feature for secondary key bind, And key binds for looking around... would be so useful and less pain for my wrist!



Some may think its cheating in some way. But the truth is, its a needed evil when you have a handicap. Even with the macro's, they are not bulletproof, generally have to sit and watch it, often gets stuck or goes off track.... or worse....ZOMBIE GANG ATTACK! Also saves 10,000's clicks wear on your mouse.

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