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Modding Discord?


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Thanks and:


1. How to resize entities including their hit boxes.

2. How to edit textures/terrain (color, patterns, etc.) in unity and gimp, then put them back into the asset files.

3. How to add emission and light to said textures, terrains.

4. How to adjust the polygon count on entities.

5. How to entirely re-skin entities adding things like emission, special asset store effects/particles.

6. How to adjust animations for entities

7. How to create Cut-scenes and play them in game.

8. How to create hi-res custom Icons for items.

9. How to add custom effects/particles/weather effects to biomes.

10. How to change the sky color for specific things (ambient, horde night, biome, etc.)

11. How to take a Unity asset store Object (say a tool chest) and re-texturing it, improving it's art, lighting, etc.


I have a lot more, these are just off the top of my head.

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Then yeh the discord will help.


1 - Xyth's video tutorials; resize the child not the parent

2 - UABE

3 - Not gonna happen

4 - Blender

5 - Unity, Xyth's tutorials followed by a few questions on the discord will help

6 - Xyth's tutorials

7 - Not gonna happen

8 - Those are just images. Currently 116x80 .png files but a18 will make them 160x160

9 - Tin, Dust2Death, Haidr'na, um, the list goes on...

10 - Same as 9

11 - Xyth's tutorials


...note that most of these star with "Xyth's Tutorials", and although no, they don't cover specifically some of what you ask, it will give you the basics, and then a few short answers would give you the rest.


I could give you step by step on those, but if the first 15 steps are the same, then it's important to learn those steps.

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Yeh, that's definitely not going to happen. Terrain blocks in a17 ARE accessible via their atlas, but they're a diffuse, normal and occlusion map, that's it. No clue on a18, but if they texture stream terrain then too, then those won't be accessible either.


The first pic is definitely doable with custom blocks though.

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