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Welcome to Cyberpunk Pve Server


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Now running on a dedicated server with the latest gen hardware!! We are very focused on having a community-oriented and fun experience for all players.


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Spawn Area Lobby


We have a safe area on our server called Spawn. This is a community area where players can trade, be safe from zombies, mine infinite resources, play slot machines in a casino, take teleports to places around the map, etc. To get there, type /Lobby in the in-game chat.


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Server Settings


- Land Claim Size - 61 x 61

- Land Claim Duration -777 days

- Drop on Death - Nothing

- Drop on Quit - Nothing

- Zombie Difficulty - 4

- Max Zombies - 80 zombies

- Max Animals - 60 animals

- Loot Reset - Every 1 in-game days

- Air Drops - Every 3 in-game days

- Server Reboots - Automatically every 3 hours


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What can you expect on Cyberpunk ?


- Zombies - Custom zombies, boss zombies, increased spawns

- Animals - Custom animals, increased spawns

- Stack Sizes - Increased all the way up to 8,000 in some cases.

- Reward Votecrate - vote for the server and get in-game rewards

- ServerTools - control Security, Zcoins, and more from the in-game chat

- AutoEvents - Fun Server Events with rare prizes

- Recipes - tons of custom item recipes, and recipes for in-game blocks you can't normally make

- Lobby - A safe and inviting area for players to hang-out, make trades, and be safe on horde night

- Cyberpunk Plots - A pre-levelled and measured area the size of one LCB. Claim a spot and join the community of awesome builds


Our Mods


- Steel, Diamond, Armor and Items - Stronger and more durable armor, tools, and weapons

- Weapon Attachments - Silencers, - Custom Guns - Silenced- Custom Crossbows - Diamond, Scoped.

- Super Auger - 50% more block damage, gas, durability, etc. than the regular auger

- Super Chainsaw - 50% more entity damage, gas, durability, etc. than the regular chainsaw

- Custom Zombies - Boss zombies in the wasteland biome for an added challenge

- Custom Food and Drinks - see below for a list

- Shiny Headgear - attach flashlights to just about any headpiece

- Heated and Cooled Shades - to easily adjust temperature +40 or -40

- Miracle Splint - instantly heal that broken leg- Slot Machines

- use duke coins to play the slots and win prizes- Lockpick - instantly unlock safes

- Redbull and Butterbeer - travel 50%+ faster than normal

- Grasscutter - cuts and collects grass super quickly- Fuel Logs

- Super dense wood logs for extended cooking sessions

- AutoMiner, machines that collect resources for you every 3 hours

- Respawning Cars - break down cars all the way, and they will respawn after some time- Decorative Blocks

- Gutters, torch glass, arrows, and more



We are very lenient in regards to rules. The primary rules are as follows:


ENGLISH only server, please only speak English in chat


Talking is allowed but NO Racist or Explicit sexual comments DO NOT Slander the admins or the server

DO NOT cheat, hack, or dupe. This will result in an immediate execution and ban.

DO NOT build too close to a trader. This breaks the traders and causes us extra work.

Ride a minibike at your own risk. You’re responsible for keeping track of your own minibike.

DROP MINING: There is a known bug with drop mining which will freeze the server. Please limit the drop amount to 5x5x5 areas. Also please give warning in chat that you are going to be initiating a drop. This will give players adequate time to prepare for possible lag scenarios.

CROPS: Plant crops in a 10×10 area maximum. Space each row of crops 1 block apart to help prevent server lag.

PLAYER RESET: Your character can be reset to level 1 on request. All ZCoins will be lost on reset.

BEDBUG: On this server, it is mandatory to have 4 clear spaces above your bedroll to prevent bedbug.

INTENTIONALLY EXPLOITING: Tree, bike, hatch-door, Scope render glitch, is not allowed | 1st offence = RESET : 2nd offence = PERMA BAN.

Hackusations are annoying for everyone if you think someone is cheating go to the admin directly in a private message but in the end Admins have the finale say



I'm hoping you will have a fun time building and being a part of the community here. Before you get started you should


Server (updated 2019/09/09)



server name Cyberpunk Custom Map, Prefabs and Mods

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updated today 7/10/2020 to B163 


 soon as i logged in i couldnt access any of my storage chests, forges, workbenches, mixers or anything... i could access my backpack but even that was screwy
   If i tried to place my minibike down it instantly disappeared and got swallowed by the server... also noticed lots of missing sounds....   
   B163 was pushed way to early... its unplayable.   Are any of the admins (eva) having the same issues?

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