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Going Vertical


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TFP Worldbuilders you guys have been quiet lately. Here is a question for you.


Idea is controlled load of assets, allowing more freedom for other assets on play area.


This question comes from watching day 84 Madmole playthrough and personal prior playthroughs.


When they die they are still there, taking up resources for a period of time, Gronk explained the bone

and position problem, and the procedural degen overhead. Is it possible to have a death or dead

model for each entity. That is extremely low poly, a single material, and a single color say gray

to simulate ash. Toss in a little sprite sheet smoke for fx. This way you can add them to an array

and or gpu instance them. keeping the pose lowering the polycount and allowing consistent visuals until

they are removed from scene. This would be similar to the imposter blocks or low poly renders at a long



For the larger towered pois, is it possible for sleeper volumes themselves to be instantiated

or set to not overlap, and be governed by line of sight areas or active engagement areas. So even though

you are in a tower, the game only loads the the details from the area you are in. Basically this would

change a single 20 floor poi into 20 single floor segments.


What i mean is when you walk into a building that has for example 20 floors. Instead of it

loading everything vertically, can it load by floor, or dungeon grouping separation?


Example if you are on floor 5 of 20 this is because you have done some nice separations of volume areas,

and can't see the other floors, then 1-4 dead zombies instantly are removed. Maybe they can leave behind

the blood decal, this is on the billboard or the sprite sheet or atlas. Their volumes unloaded

from memory. 6 - 20 as yet unseen, to be loaded in singular progression as you pass into them.


I started using the in game prefab editor and Pilles to get a better picture of how the magic works

and looked at how multiple level pois vertically placed volumes look vs single and dual layer pois.


Have not learned enough to know if this is possible yet, so that's why i'm asking.


Gronk check this also and tell me if this may be possible yet, either in vanilla or modded.

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