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idea for alpha 19


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1- more zombies (textures), zombie city dwellers, police zombies, zombie builders (with a different texture), and some more. 2-add a function when you shoot from a firearm, zombies are ilut behind you, and there is still a chance that feral will come running, so you need silencers. 3- add a new firearm ump 45, desert iagly, p90, m4a1. that's all

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Zombie cops are already in.


Arguably Zombie Businessmen represent Zombie City Dwellers pretty well.


What would separate Zombie Builders from Zombie Utility Workers?


Gunfire already alerts zombies.


What will those guns add from a mechanical standpoint that the SMG, Revolver, SMG again, and AK47 won't?

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Idea for Alpha 19:


1.) Spring loaded trap doors that throw zombies just a few blocks, that have to be reset before activating again. Damage should be minor but knocks them down and maybe they could be used on ceilings and walls for funny rag-dolling!


2.) Horn mods for vehicles as a cosmetic (like dyes) for vehicles. Horns should also agro zombies in the same block area as the land claim block area settings. I mentioned in on KumQuats Twitch stream and he liked the idea of it.


I'll be back with more I'm sure =D

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More thoughts to chew on:


1.) For PvP mostly, being able to booby-trap safes with electricity, fire or explosives would make B&E rewarding for the home owner instead when they fail to pick the lock!


2.) Random wandering zombie hordes sprouting out of the ground that destroys landscape blocks that impede escape.


3.) Introducing "The Haunt Zombie" that spawns randomly who's instantly agro'd on you when things have been quiet for awhile away from home base, adventuring, exploring and just plain old driving around. It's like horde night with one zombie that just won't leave you alone when you need a moment to unwind, especially when you've just cleared a POI and your guard is down. Enjoy, thanks!


4.) Simple-light colors of red, blue, green and yellow for electricity to differentiate between camera settings of friendlies and foes.


5.) Create a rake tool that destroys grass, collects stones and levels terrain in a 3x3 square area like the roller in the paint option. Nerf it down to the damage of a stone shovel for attacking zombies.


6.) Trip-wire trap: used for impeding zombies following you by knocking them down once each way but not repeatedly. Could be used in PvP to knock down foes but not friendlies. No damage should be taken other than simple falling damage that's super low. Can be used at the shin level or the neck level for different rag doll effects. Could be an added feature of the existing trip-wires.

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