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Momentum for Bicycles


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So, as it stands Bicycles are slightly faster than walking or running, but they have nearly no momentum, which is half the point of bicycles IRL.


So, why not implement it?


Minibikes had it in A16, and the way one rides a bicycle-or, at least, the way I ride bicycles, is to pedal hard to build up momentum and then pedal slightly less hard to maintain that momentum.


Early-game exploration is long, slow, and tedious. Bikes should ameliorate that, but their effect is hardly noticeable.

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Adding resistance and other calculations that would be required for this would be pretty intense.


You have to remember that this is a voxel game, and adding an extra calculation to every block is going to be resource-intensive.


They're already in, though. Your bike slows down over rough terrain, and momentum is kept after releasing W while holding Shift.


Mostly what I'm looking for is for holding W when you're up to speed to keep you going at more or less the same speed, instead of canceling out all your momentum. Holding Shift and letting go of W (or whatever other heathenous key you have it mapped to) lets you coast, you just lose momentum really quickly.

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