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Ragsy 2145

Water Vehicle Modlets

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How difficult would it be for the boats to bob within the water, or have particles/ripple effects while moving?

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Bobbing can be done but it is permanent and not easy to get the right look ,  for the Jetski it would look ok but the vehicle bounces up down at full stop.


I Tried to do things in unity to simulate bouyancy but unfortunately to make it work 100% would have to go for code C# solution and mod then becomes a DMT version ..... which I am trying to avoid . 


If there are breakthroughs I will update but I rather suspect boats will break in A20 as TFP are actively working on changing water in the game ...


so it may be will be a start from scratch situation probably.


Particles animations are in the works and this for me is a new area of unity so bear with me on this ;)




Ragsy !!

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