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Water Vehicle Modlets

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Bobbing can be done but it is permanent and not easy to get the right look ,  for the Jetski it would look ok but the vehicle bounces up down at full stop.


I Tried to do things in unity to simulate bouyancy but unfortunately to make it work 100% would have to go for code C# solution and mod then becomes a DMT version ..... which I am trying to avoid . 


If there are breakthroughs I will update but I rather suspect boats will break in A20 as TFP are actively working on changing water in the game ...


so it may be will be a start from scratch situation probably.


Particles animations are in the works and this for me is a new area of unity so bear with me on this ;)




Ragsy !!

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On 12/27/2020 at 4:33 AM, Pritch said:

Is there a way to run this mod using DMT?

I dont understand ....it works without DMT its just Standard Modlet required on client and server .



I have now sorted out particle system for some of the water vehicles ,  basically offering a choice , if you press F you can have particle effects showing and if you have an old potato PC you can switch them off



I found that the FPS was dropping a lot ,   I managed to optimise the model and particle effect more and now the FPS drop is minimised (although i do like my settings on high and Ultra lol) so the Jetski will be available soon , also now with a better floating motion.  I will try optimising more before release.


I will add the Particle options to the other boats over the next month as they do look good on boats with propellers  





Also incoming soon the Windsurfer ...few more bits to sort out




Ragsy !!

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9 minutes ago, Cranberry Monster said:

Very excited for the windsurfer. Keep up the good work!



Thanks for the kind words ....


I did post up in early days that i would do a Jetski , ended up doing the bathtub boat first as fits the apocalipse more .    The windsurfer I looked for ages to get one in game but in the end gave up , ActiniumTiger my partner in Vehicle Madness spotted that one above so have him to thank for finding it . 


I have a Speedboat , Riverboat , Small Fishing Boat and a Rowing Boat in the works but holding back on them a while as i would rather get the rowing boat sorted first .    The bigger boat stuff would be more endgame .



Also toyed with the idea of player finds a rubber ring and can swim with it lol ...


Ragsy !!

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