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New Haven [PVE] Community oriented Server looking for Mature players!


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Howdy fellow survivalists. It's that time of year again where I put together a PVE dedicated server for my FAVORITE survival crafting game of all time! That's right! 7 days to die!


I'm looking for players who are interested in working together, (ie, sharing resources, building a base together etc.) If you're just looking for a server where you can go do your own thing this is -not- the place for you. There's thousands of empty dedicated servers just floating around out there.


Server settings are probably going to err on the side of difficult however some will be negotiable. Please note that the server isn't UP yet. I plan on gathering a decent number of people and then launching it at a time that works for MOST of the players so that we can all start at the same time.



Message me on discord at ParadigmVoid#6893 or PM me here.

Be sure to include


* Age,

*Preferred pronouns (This is obviously optional, but I like to give people the option to share them upfront.)

* Timezone,

* Hours played in 7daystodie

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