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Why beat yourself up?


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After playing on hard settings until it wasn't any fun anymore.. more of a chore, I decided to play it easy.


Custom generated modded map. https://7daystodie.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?66-Tools


Single Player


90min 18hour days

300 block damage.

loot 150%

zombies walk day and night ferals always sprint.

64 bloodmoon zombies that always sprint.

loot respawn 50 days.


Now when I smack some barbed wire it pops in 1 hit .. like I would be able to in real life.

Food is neither scarce or abundant.

No crawling across the desert looking for pizza in a garbage bag.

Never standing there forever banging on a gun safe.

Raid and loot at night and still plenty of danger.

Playing this way feels neither too easy or too difficult.. especially in single player.


Point being. If you are not having fun anymore why make it hard on yourself?


When A18 rolls around .. it's back to Vanilla.

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WotW has made A17 somewhat enjoyable for me finally. Now, I'm waiting for Subquake to finish Undead Legacy.


Yup, I agree, but I found my cup of tea with War of the Walkers :)


Yes! All the extra content like cars, crops, stations, pois. Dwallorde is amazing! It even looks like RWG is fixed...

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I CANT WAIT FOR 18 17 was almost perfect now the last brick shall fall in place and make this game more playable then 3 days before i get bored i am so hyped and i will do a 140 days walk trough on 18 if horde night let me have fps :D i dont care i shall play the whole game now trough pain and struggle! i love this game more each day that goes on.

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