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UI: How/Where to change Font_Size of the Mouse/cursor-over Text


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Ive bought a new Screen 32inch 1440p

now the UI at all is way to big, I found the related xui files in ~\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\XUi and turned down the scaling in the xui.xml, it works fine except of the Mouseover text (screenshot)

Can anybody please tell me which entry in the xml files will change the size of this text


It seems not to be in the xui.xml because, for testing purposes I just changed all font_size entrys to 10 but the mouseover text didnt changed

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Wow thank you, that helped a lot, I was not able to change the font size but in lower case letters it looks way better and less intrusive.


Its still in the .dll as it was in A15-A16



But now there is one ui element left, that i want to have a bit downscaled

Do you or anybody know how to resize this element:



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I was not looking for how to remove/change stripes and digits.

(but i am sure that it is not controlled from xml, and they are not among the graphics i know in the resources, perhaps they are drawn from the code)


But the arrow is stored as a texture in the main asset (sharedassets1.assets),

name of (textures):





These files must not be deleted.

For myself - i replaced them with a blank transparent texture, and You can just redraw them, but leave the basic resolution unchanged.


I used the UABE utility.


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