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Welcome to Hell mod alpha 17.4 And Survival Enter at your own risk

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Good morning ( Afternoon Evening) 7 days modding Community! I'm Proud to annouce that Welcome to Hell & Survival enter at your own Risk is up on the mod launcher for your Enjoyment


Welcome to hell Mod 17.4: Welcome to Hell Has been updated to the current version from the Previous version of 17.2

Mod is still the same As 17.2 but I decided to add a Nice surprise in Just for ♥♥♥♥s and giggles ( No spoilers) its going to push you to your Limits and the grind is real Zombies will see you farther away So always be on your toes!


Survival Enter at your own risk ( Non SDX-BETA)

Easler Version Of the Welcome to hell mod,This mod is Mostly made for The ones that don't want To deal with the surprises of Welcome to hell mod and like it easy, This mod is Public Beta So If the mod gets popular I will Update this version as well with welcome to hell with Each alpha of 7 days,


Survival Enter at your own risk (SDX Public Beta


Same as The Non SDX Version But I have added the SDX Elevator mod However you will need to download The Server files To use this version of the mod on a dedicated server The link is https://gitlab.com/army.bratt44/alpha-17.4-survival-enter-at-your-own-risk-server-files If you have any questions feel free to email me at army.bratt44@gmail.com And i will get back to you


Note: I do not take any credit for any modlets Added into these mods the only Credit i can take is modifcations to The data XML files

A big Thank you goes out to the 7 days Modding community For Creating these mod Packs And Releasing Them

And to The fun Pimps for their constant Hard work on 7 days

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