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Outlaw's Den [US East] [24/7] [No Rules] [150 slots] [Currency] [Monthly Wipes]


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IP: OutlawsDen.asuscomm.com


Port: 26900


Password: None


Map: Random Gen - 8192x8192 - Big enough to stretch, small enough to be found.


Slots: 150


Drops On Death: Pack Only


Drop On Logout: Pack Only


Mods: CSMM: With custom economy, hard earned currency. NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED. We are not modded.


Loot Abundance: Default


Loot Reset: Default


In-Active Admins: There are no rules. Admins literally only help people who get bugged out.


Monthly wipes. Adult server. Keep all Player Credits earned after wipes.


We are now back better than ever with 150 slots! Fresh install 7/28/19. Server is hosted on a privately owned, real server. 20 dedicated cores, with 40 threads. 128GB of ram. 6x SSD. Gigabit Fiber Optic Net. We also block most countries outside US on a firewall and a ping limiter.


Steam connect link that will launch your game for you. steam://connect/OutlawsDen.asuscomm.com:26900

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