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Eunning Multiple Server Instannces on an Windows server 2016 ?


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Hi all together my question is as follows.


I want to run Multiple Dedicated Servers on my Microsoft server 2016 .


In the past i just had to setup different ports via serverconfig.xml


and rename the Sevendaystodieserver.exe like sevendaystoDieserver-1.exe


and it worked.


But with the Alpha 17.4 it seems that this workaround would not work as befor.


there are any solutions to get it runing.


because we want to run servers with different Mods running on it.



server 1 with no mods

Server 2 with Ravenhearst

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Why are you renaming the .exe file? You just need different batch files. Renaming the .exe file is not something you would ever have had to do previously.


However, if you want to run with different configuration, (modded and not modded), you will need to have two separate installation folders. Then you just have your ports configured separately on each server.


TBH though, it's much easier and more efficient to do this on Linux with scripts.

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FWIW I run three servers on the same box, but each has its own directory. Makes managing and customization each server easier. I can do something to one server without worrying about effecting another server. If you want to conserve disk space, you can take server 2 and 3 and symlink read-only directories to the server 1 file structure, instead of having duplicate copies of the files. I run four half-life op4 servers, and I do that for servers 2-4.


I do it without any scripts, but I'm a hands-on do-it-myself person, I don't use scripts unless I wrote them myself. There are good scripts out there that can make this a quick and easy process if you don't like to get your hands dirty.

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Running them from VM is adding another layer that has the potential to reduce performance. Even with hardware virtualization you will still have some limits here.


The only reason I would use VM would be to put linux servers on a Windows machine. In the case I was recently considering, the Windows host server is a dedicated blade with 24 cores and 192GB RAM. That would allow me to run a couple of VM's with fully dedicated hardware. The reason I haven't done it is that it's way more headache than it's worth compared to just leaving my server running Linux with all my instances. :smile-new:


On Linux each server is a separate user, and the processes are separated and easily identifiable. One falling over is not likely to have a cascade effect that will impact the others. You can likely set something similar up on Windows, but it's a lot harder to automate all the tasks.

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I just run two instances from two separate directories with different port settings on each. Easy enough setup. We don't even run from a "server". I just have a leftover desktop that has a decent I-7 and 32GB of RAM. I host multiple Ark, Atlas, and 2 7 Days to die simultaneously while barely hitting a 3rd of the RAM most of the time.

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