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NEED HELP PLZ mods A16.4 to A17.xxx


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i need help to UPDATE this mods A16.4 for A17.xx please



<window name="DZingameMenu" anchor="CenterCenter" pos="0,0" width="1920" height="1080" controller="InGameMenuWindow" cursor_area="true">

<texture name="ExitScreen" depth="0" size="960,540" pos="-480,270" texture="@https://i.imgur.com/NjWBmio.jpg" material="Materials/Transparent Colored" />

<grid name="buttons" pos="-50,-150" cols="1" width="100" cell_width="100" cell_height="56" arrangement="horizontal" repeat_content="false">

<simplebutton name="btnOptions" depth="3" width="100" height="46" caption_key="xuiMenuOptions" font_size="40" />

<simplebutton name="btnSave" depth="3" width="100" height="46" caption_key="xuiMenuSave" font_size="40" />

<simplebutton name="btnExit" depth="3" width="100" height="46" caption_key="xuiMenuExit" font_size="40" />





its really apreciate

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Is this a part of another A16.4 UI Mod ?


Not much information to go on at present and the external image call is invalid now too ? so from that I assume this mod was to import an image into the menu ?


If so then there is an 17.4 Modlet here that may help ? https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?118397-Ragnarok-Screen-Images&p=997739#post997739


Ragsy !!

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