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Who wants dinosaurs? How about subjugating zeds to your will?


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I know many ppl have asked for husbandry or animal taming... I feel like its all been done- alot.


Know what I cant think of tho? A game that lets you 'tame' or subjugate zombies to do tasks for you.

Kinda like AMCs' the walking dead where they cut off their arms and jaw to make a mobile pack mule?

How about some rudimentary way to use zombies to turn a mill or somthing similar?

Guard-Dog esk zombies?


If yer gona make zed AI smarter... Why not put them to task?

(Hopefully we can avoid the zombie activists out there tho.)


I feel that would be a unique feature and pretty awesome.

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These are good ideas, but you inevitably run into technical problems when you have an AI that should follow you. If the world is created by the developers, that's not a problem, but in 7 Days to die you can reshape the whole world around you. So all path calculations have to be done in real time.

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With zombies that can avoid your turrets line of fire

Zombies that can reason how and where to attack you (Zombies smart enough to bring down a large building)

and the suicide zeds coming soon;


There is no reason they cannot or should not. Itd be a unique feature that would add some uniqueness to the game.

And sure, ill give you benefit of the doubt and say pack-mule zeds are not an option.


Attack/Defence zeds could be.

Zombies or 'creatures' that harvest minor amounts of resources on their own could be.

Could use a pack-mule zed instead in the sense you "disarm" the zed, make it a patsy and then directly tell that zed to take (Items you give it) to special chest for this purpose.

Zombies that dig could also be a thing, considering how good they are at it.

Using a herd of zombies to generate power via mill type structure also possible.


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I'd just be happy with a half dozen chickens so I don't need to search for feathers anymore. You could make a mechanic that allows eggs to hatch when placed near a camp fire to keep them warm. Place in chest near heat source and you end up with a chicken in your chest. Then drag them out and drop them into your coop area.



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(I'll respond to this as if this was meant as a real idea and not a funny troll)


Meanwhile MM:

"Bridges are ressource explensive!"

"Bandits need 4-5 more alphas!"

"Lockpicking was delayed 3 Alphas!"

"Electricity will maybe get an update after 4 alphas!"

"Water will be reworked... someday... maybe"


I think they are way WAY overencumbered already with features.

"Taming" zombies is the absolute last idea and should probably just be a mod.

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They were already talking about taming wolves.... Soo uhh yeah... They did just update to a new engine and are swamped but this is still a solid idea- mod or vanilla.


lmao. Feathers are everywhere bud. Just look. x'D

Legit take a bike out and drive in a stright line looking for nests. They added MORE of them in A17 because ppl complained about feathers enough.

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