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RWG Preview Keymap?


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After some days of looking and trying to find a keymap or some other description of RWG controls and have come up with nothing.


Aside from the WASD keys where A and D are the only ones that work as expected, W and S move the camera up and down in altitude. CTRL and Space do the same thing...and C moves the camera down as well. As far as I know there are no keys mapped for moving the camera forward and backward...


unless the camera is behaving as if oriented in a "first person" mode...which it appears to be...


That said, there seems to be no way to determine which way is which and it's easy to get turned around with no orientation markers.


So, with all that said, is there a keymap file or something where one could edit the RWG controls or at least have a way to pan the camera NWSE while looking straight down?

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