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Easy anti cheat issue


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well i've a problem, i only get audio if the EAC is running, but if i don't run it i can't hear any sound from 7d2d. anyone have an idea whats happening? i want to play RAVENHEARST but i can't play it whitout sound, and the game doesn't start if i run the EAC. sorry english its not my native languaje.



my audio drivers is up to date.

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i found a solution, in my case the audio software its making some kind of trouble with certains games, in this case 7d2d. anyway the solution its very simple, just use the task manager to close that audio software, in my case i've a asus motherboard so the audio soft its ''sonic suite 3''.


I hope this helps someone.




if someone wants to do a better writing, i'll be happy. :D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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