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Frame Rate Issues/Lag


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Ok, ok, I know Mac sucks for gaming, but why am I lagging and having frame rate issues on the lowest quality? No background apps are running, etc. Shift + TAB with steam crashes the game too quite frequently. Any help would be fantastic!




Display: 27-inch LED-backlit with IPS technology; 2560-by-1440 resolution with support for millions of colors


Processor: 3.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz) with 6MB L3 cache


RAM: 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 memory


HDD: 1TB (7200-rpm)


Graphics: 3.4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M graphics processor with 2GB of GDDR5 memory



EDIT: I turned VSync off (i heard this is supposed to help)...

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Ok, ok, I know Mac sucks for gaming,...

Well, as long as you know... lol


First off, do not run this game at 1440p with that setup... guaranteed lag even with the average gaming PCs. 1080p is usually what ppl recommend.


Unless I know the year of the Mac, I don't have an idea of what generation of CPU you might have and therefore it could either be pretty good or not good enough for this game.


Video card is a bit under spec for this game and could be part of the issue, but running on lower settings would have compensated for that.


My best guess is that your CPU is just not good enough for the game or is overheating / throttling hard. Because, keep in mind that Apple doesn't understand the concept of cooling / venting heat, so even if you had the best CPU on the market, it'd be throttled so hard with this game that it might as well be a mid tier CPU, which yours definitely isn't.


If you're desperate enough, you could try taping a fan to the exhaust or intake of your mac or something along those lines to force that heat out and see if that helps.


Overall though, you already know playing games with a mac is not good, now you know why.

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The CPU is likely an i5-650 series mobile CPU. It's like one of the first i5-series chipsets. Probably not much faster than a Core 2 Quad.


The GPU is just as bad. It's probably about equivalent to a desktop GTX 650, which I would have considered the lowest feasible for a16. Not entirely sure it's up for a17.


Running anything except the desktop and a web browser on those hardware specs at 1440p is really pushing it. Your system is only just barely set up for 1080p gaming, and even 1080p is going to stretch it past it's limits with any current title.


Even if the system was running Windows, it wouldn't be much better. For system requirements, you're literally scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Your RAM is the best asset in the system.

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With a laptop I'd imagine heat may cause some throttling as well.


That said...


Don't just select "low" on the settings. Turn each of the settings all the way down, to off or lowest.


Press F1 while in game and type this into the command line: gfx pp enable 0


I run an i5 3550 which is very close to yours at 3.3 ghz, turbo to 3.7, and I get >100 fps with a 1060 6G

and most everything on low or off. (single player, on mp it varies wildly with public servers.)

I have textures on half and trees on medium. Distance on 50.


I don't know what settings you have for Nvidia Control panel on a Mac, but it might be worth looking at that

to see if you can turn anything off. On mine I can set it to Max Performance for Power and High Performance

for Texture filtering.


I know my gpu is a lot better than yours, but try it and see how you do.

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With a laptop I'd imagine heat may cause some throttling as well.

Not nearly as bad since laptops aren't afraid to make fan noise when needed and you can buy external fans that mount directly to the laptop's exhaust vents which works amazingly well (I would know cuz I have an Opolar and I no longer ever hear the fan noise and it never heats up beyond 45C). So laptops at least have affordable solutions to a heat problem if they get one. Apple is too dumb and too greedy to do anything about their hardware issues.

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