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How can I add a buff to a zombie after dismembering its arms?


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There is little benefit gained from severing a zombie's arm. In fact, a zombie that is missing both arms can still deal damage. I would like to mod things so that I can apply a buff to a zombie if I blow off its arm.


Ultimately, I want this mod to do the following when I take off a zombie's arm:

1. The zombie will bleed out rapidly enough to collapse (die) after a short time, taking longer based on how much health it has.

2. At the moment the zombie is dismembered, I may want it to play an animation, which could be either ragdolling, staggering/knockdown, or grabbing at its arm stump.

3. Change the zombie's walk type to 4 and/or lower its movement speed. The zombie is stunned/unable to move for a few moments after losing the arm, then begins to regain its composure enough to walk slowly towards the target.


The problem is that I cannot find the appropriate trigger for dismemberment, so it is impossible for me to apply a buff to a zombie or make it take actions/play animations. I tried looking at how the code handles zombies that lose their legs and turn into crawlers, but I could not find that in the XML files. I am a bit stuck at the moment and would appreciate any feedback.

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I'm just thinking out loud here because I don't know how to do what you're asking... But if you could make the zombie suffer from the "broken arm/leg" debuff when taking a dismembering attack that would give you a point of reference for everything else you'd like to do... I think. Maybe I'm way off the mark.

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