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Player models need an overhaul

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It may not be a huge thing to everyone, but for those of us that care, since items are getting a new HD overhaul in this coming A18, could you please look at improving/overhauling player models and including some animations?


I have stopped configuring my character beyond a few (ugly) adjustments because while there are a LOT of options to change several aspects of a nose for example, but I don't feel many of them DO much (despite looking at it from all angles). Furthermore, once in game, you don't see any of these 'fine' details again. E.g. I don't ponder the height of my cheekbones while my a$$ is being eaten by a zombie. Perhaps it would be better to have a few 'nose shapes' to choose from rather than changing the inclination/tip/width/length/etc. I'm not sure if all these options have any impact on game performance but it might be worth a looksee?


Some criticisms I have on specific traits:


Making eyes bigger, for example, just makes them look like they are turning inside out, erk!


Eyebrows look absent no matter what option you change: hair colour, shape etc


Boys received a few more beard options a few alphas back, but the girls, have been somewhat ignored for a good while.


All long hairstyles still look like a Chernobyl victim.


As a multiplayer, looking at other player movements is just plan janky.


There is still no swimming animation.


Jumping (despite the grunt sound accompaniment) looks like floating and as though it requires no 'effort'.


It would be nice to see the players turn their heads rather than their full body to look at something.


Statically holding objects out in front hasn't changed since the first alpha... perhaps a more relaxed pose when at ease?



These in the end are just observations/ideas/suggestions but I think it has a big impact on inviting new players and is part of the criticism that the game looks old/dated by comparison to other games in the same genre E.g. Conan Exiles. TFP has spent a great deal of time and effort and drawn a lot of attention to their making the world look better and more immersive. It is high time the player models get a true update. :strawberry:

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Yeah, to be honest, no matter how you adjust your cheekbones and curve eyes - it still looks the same in the end.

Only the availability of different hairstyles and clothing helps distinguish one player from another with hand.


In fact - it's all needless and unnecessary.

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