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Purchase another copy for making a server for me a couple of friends?


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Can I just run the server on my profile on a small computer at home and still play on my computer with the same account?

Or do I need to purchase the game again?


Sometimes I'm not playing and my boyfriend wants to play on the game we started, (or my other friend) so I spin up 7DTD in the background for them, but it slows down my computer and I would like to avoid running it in the background if I can avoid it.



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You can run the dedi without even having to run Steam. Won't need to purchase another copy for it.


I personally recommend setting the server up on Linux using either Allocs scripts or LGSM. (Especially if you're using a smaller PC with lower spec hardware.) The Sticky FAQ has tips on how to migrate your save over to the dedi also.

I also recommend Ubuntu server 18.04 for those not as familiar with Linux.

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if you want to run it on another pc laying around that has windows on it that you dont want to mess with there are many guides and videos explaining the process. it just needs to verify through steam once. there is a link for server managers that make things a littler easier and automated or you can try to do it manually.

is one? usually ports end up being the trickiest part if you've never set up a dedicated server before.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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