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Blood moon bugged?


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Me and a friend Returned to the game after a 5 month break and I'm unsure if blood moon nights are bugged or not for me. To start with there was a endless supply of zombies that kept on spawning when before hand they would stop after a while/killing so many but for this they just kept coming even after running out of ammo i was doing the killall command and it was just endless. Re-spawning 1-5 seconds of killing them.

Not just that we had zombies there that weren't meant to be coming till the 21st according to the wiki which were cops and some ferals.

The blood moon setting was on 8 zombies per player which felt fine it was just the endless supply that just kept coming.


If anyone has also encounter this or if its meant to be like it please let me know. I want to be enjoying this game but when the name of the game is about the 7 day horde a big aspect of the game is taken out. Thank you all for you time.

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