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Some Quest Help Needed Please

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Hello Everyone,


One question hope it is a simple one,


On quests I know of the OR code where you can make the quest kill 20 animals and can make it so you can use different weapons to do so.


Well, Is there a way to do something similar to have it so the quest you can kill certain animals?


Example is: Lets say I want you to kill 10 animals to complete the quest but I want you to only be able to kill either Rabbits OR Chickens to complete the quest.


I know how to make it so you can kill a number of different animals like the Buy The Farm Quest and so on but I want to make one that you have to kill small animals only and make you have to kill any number of those 2 kinds of animals to complete the quest of killing 10 animals.


I hope there is a way to do this I have tried different things and cannot get this to work without errors and the game not loading the quests due to it.


Thank You,


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