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Telrics Enchanting And Accessories


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This mod adds in accessories you can find through looting. These give special buffs and effects when equipped. They can also be enchanted. Each accessory has 6 enchanting slots. Finding essences throughout the world in different zones will allow you to craft an Enchanting Staff, which will unlock enchanting recipes when held in your hands. Enchants are one time use permanent item modifiers. You cannot remove them once enchanted onto accessories or weapons. Enchants can also be stacked. Be sure to pay attention to the localization in the item descriptions. It highlights which enchant goes into which items and what they do.


This mod is not meant to be realistic.. These are fun little items that give your character a boost. Balance has not been tested, but again.. its fun. :)


Also there are a lot of Terraria items in the mod... So if you play Terraria, youll find some fun references and such. :)


Let me know if you like the mod!


The mod does not require a new world, however you do get a quest after doing the first starter quest. It's just a quest that tells the player the basics.




The files come with your standard mod folder. Place that into your Mods folder in your 7dtd directory. It comes with a localization file that has my items only. You must copy the contents of this file into your localization file (7dtd > Data > Config > Localization).

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Here's something i've been working on.. Itll be in the update as well. These are combo points. You start the combo with a basic left click attack. After you've started the combo you are able to do any damage to the zombie to build the combo more. If you decide to switch targets, the combo will be reset. Once you reach 3 combo points, you're able to use the power attack of special weapons to release their powers. However if you power attack a zombie that doesn't have the 3 combo points, it will consume those three points but not cause the weapons' power attack.


Also health bars... They display 25% increments of health and active once the zombie has taken some form of damage.


These are not the final textures. Just placeholders. If you're interested in making a health bar texture or even a combo point texture, let me know. :)

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