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Sittable furnitures


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21 hours ago, goblinsrus4 said:

any chance of a A19 release please

played 7d2d over many years and this is what i have always wanted to do in game 

Made a few edits so it works with A19.4  
Works just fine in singleplayer, not tested for dedicated! (but should work there as well)
Haven't got permission for this but haven't seen a post from OP here for a long while either.

Hope OP is fine with this!
Click the link below for updated version.


You also might want to check out H7SB's mods.


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On 3/28/2021 at 3:35 PM, Cadamier said:
7d2d Sittable Furniture

This transfer was deleted.

The transfer has expired on 24/03/2021

Right, Sorry about that, must have been expired or something.
Uploaded it to google drive. 

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Sittable Furnitures and H7SB's modlets both seem to completely choke on Alpha 20. Does anyone know of a comparable modlet(s)? Server-Side would be awesome, but understandably unlikely.


Thanks in advance!


P.S. - I did try to mess with the modlet myself in the past, in doing so I managed to get Sittable Furnitures to work with A19, but A20 completely confounded me. The overhaul on the vehicles is likely the culprit. I'm not a modder and the xmls frighten my tiny layman brain.

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On 2/16/2022 at 12:35 PM, dujinyuan said:

Come on man....reborn!~give me something!~~

The original Author of these great mods in A17 is no longer active in 7days modding anymore sadly ....  but as stated before a couple of posts up  the H7SB Seats  and stuff are working in A20 updated .


Also the person that took on the work lists 'Snufkin' in credits maybe for the server sided stuff ,  but Moongaming (Oignon Choud aka Hot Onion)  was the original seating mods creator



Ragsy !! 

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