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Destroyed house is still visible from a distance


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So we destroyed a house yesterday. Destroyed every block, even destroyed the basement. We then filled in the hole with dirt.


Today, we noticed that if we walk a certain distance, about 50 blocks or so, the house is visible, even though it is gone. The distance is not the same for every player, but it's about 40-50 blocks or so. If we then walk slowly back, the house vanishes.


I restarted the server and the clients, and it still does this for all players. Is there a cache of some sort that needs to be reset/rebuilt?


Linux dedicated server, and the clients we tried were all linux clients. A14.7

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This is because the distant POI does not update for changes in terrain or structures. It is only generated when the map is first generated. Later this feature will get more attention, but at the time it was too costly to have it updating real-time.


Got it. tyvm. Too bad there isn't a way to force re-generate distant POIs, my players can be a bit destructive at times :). And it was admittedly fun to destroy that house, we are giving though to taking down a tower just for fun.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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