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Land Claim

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OK, so I did some research on this, and also tested some things.

There is the serverconfig.xml file found in the main 7 Days To Die folder.

I tried editing the line that is supposed to adjust the count of available LCBs... but this did not work.

Supposedly, when the main menu GUI loads, the settings from them overwrite this setting in the xml.

So, I found this modlet by Red Eagle... https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94219-Red-Eagle-LXIX-s-A17-Modlet-Collection-(UI-Blocks-Quests)&p=947303&viewfull=1#post947303

This modlet adds fields to the GUI so that you can adjust the count there.

Downloaded, unzipped, and put it into my Mods folder, launched, set the count to 5, started the game and works perfectly in single player.

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They're also useful to disable spawns in POIs, if you need to do that at some point.


Yeah, My first crafting base in my most recent save was in POI that I gutted and reinforced and I used the LCB to disable respawning inside it. Made the mistake in an earlier A17 save of putting up a base in a Bear Den POI without a claim block and came back after a couple day looting trip to find that it was filled with sleepers that had respawned.


Being able to move your crafting stations is very useful as well in the event that you want to move things around or even pack up and move to an entirely new location. I just wish it was possible for the forges to save their internal resource counts when you pick them up instead of having to wait to craft a ton of items that you just have to feed back to it once you set it in its new location.

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