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A17.4 Item stack size limit?

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I just got done editing my items.xml to increase the stack size on items. That is ALL that I changed. Didn't modify properties or add an item or anything.


Vanilla 17.4 based in the Post Office poi. Yes, yes I know but for testing I'm not going to build a base from scratch. Opened the game and consolidated the existing stacks just fine to the numbers I set in the .xml. Exited and got the red instance of item not found error. Go back into game and a strip down the middle of the post office (about the middle third) has been reset which covers all the storage boxes, forges, etc.... The only thing I can think is that maybe I set things too high? I set things like stone and sand to 50000. I thought 5 digits would be ok since dukes are 20000. I've edited this in A15 and A16 without issue.



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