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Idea about the way of pumping the character in the game!


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This post is about the way of pumping the character in the game. You have refused to passively increase the perk level with the help of the action, but now many players are outraged that by killing zombies you can find out how to extract ore and so on.


I have an idea how to add logic here)


We have 5 attributes. Each attribute allows you to create a specific character class. Each attribute contains perks that are needed by this character class.


I propose to add to the game NPC attribute teachers:

- NPC teacher Perception (perception attribute and his perks);

- NPC teacher Weightlifter (attribute Power and his perks);

- NPC teacher Survivor (attribute Fortitude and his perks);

- NPC teacher Slick (attribute Agility and his perks);

- NPC teacher Scientist (Intellect attribute and its perks);


These will be the same NPCs as traders, only they will sell knowledge (levels of attributes and perks).


For each level of attribute or perk, the teacher will need to give away experience points and some money, food, parts, or something else.


Teachers can also have separate bases, or travel the world.


Teachers will be able to randomly appear in the locations of merchants every few days, which is much better.


On the first day, the Perceptualist teacher, on the fourth day - the Survivor teacher, on the ninth day - the Scientist teacher and so on.


This approach will make it logical to increase the skills of the character, and will add interest to this part of the game. Also, teachers will be able to give quests, and as a reward increase some level of attribute or perk.


What do you think about it? I think it's very good idea )

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