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What Gnamod do you use?  

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  1. 1. What Gnamod do you use?

    • Gnamod Core
    • Gnamod Core (Classic Toolbar)
    • Gnamod UI
    • Gnamod UI (Classic Toolbar)
    • Gnamod Horde Mode Only
    • Gnamod Horde Mode Only (Classic Toolbar)
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    • Gnamod Core and Horde Mode (Classic Toolbar)

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9 minutes ago, Laz Man said:

I was just thinking it would be a nice way to officially welcome GNAmod into Alpha19.  😀

The images are all loaded from the Textures folder of the mod so you can grab any for promotional purposes if you want.

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Hotfix 0.8.2a
I have pushed a hotfix update to both stable and latest branches of the Mod Launcher to fix an issue with the Medkit and Ration items that happen when you touch water blocks with the equipped and cause NRE spam that will not stop until you leave the water.


Other fixes:
- Quests were not awarding next trader quests options after completing a tier, it should now offer them again (I have not completed 10 quests to test, let me know if its not fixed).
- Lucky Looter level 1 was giving to high bonus on search times.
- Display issue where Spoiled Rations did not display how much food they gave on eating them (causing people to throw them away unneeded).
- Horde Mode: Sleeper zombies were to blind and not reacting to the player, should not react to the player again.


Manual downloads are also updated and will show 0.8.2a in the title.

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I am working on updating Gnamod to work properly with A19.1 Experimental and will release a working version shortly to the Latest branch on the Mod Launcher. It is not finishes as some windows are not entirely correct and not all things are properly aligned yet. I will release it as a Hotfix 0.8.2b because I expect the experimental to be short and likely not last long enough for me to finish 0.8.3, which I want to fix all of the outstanding minor UI problems and redesign a certain amount of windows that were not done yet or no longer look correctly after all the changes.



- Removed old skins of the 4 new zombies and loaded the new skins (Stripper, Businessman, Builder and Hawaiian).

- All HD zombies now load the feral skin for certain special versions, this is a placeholder for now as replacing eyes does not work on them. In the future when all HD zombies are done by TFP I want to revisit making new skins for them and integrate Mumpfy's new work. This may not happen before A20+ though. No point spending time on this when its so much in flux still.

- Added 10 slot belt to Gnamod (sidebar, inventory and classic toolbar). Added 10 extra slots for editor (this will in the future probably be replaced by an actual editor add-on modlet with a lot more belt slot and removal of useless HUD elements.

- Backpack upgraded from 88 slot to 110 slot, total unlocked slots at start reduced by 2 so it unlocks 3 rows. All windows have been moved to left or right, but this is still a wip since some may need further work to look good. This also means 16:10 will find windows falling of the screen, but I do not think many still use this aspect ratio, 16:9 and wider screens are more common these days.



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Hotfix 0.8.2b released to the mod launcher and manual download, this is a bit of a bigger hotfix than usual because it has the UI changes in it needed to make it all work with the changed toolbelt. I have done some more patch-up and fixed some of the recently reported issues:
- Fixed Scrap Iron hatch upgrading/repairing with the wrong material.
- Fixed Iron Railing block to have same HP as Iron Bars and same repair material (since it works identical to it).

- Changed Shale drops to be higher, so mining shale will give you more, up to twice as much depending on your luck. This should address gas being to expensive late game a bit (changing recipes would also involve economics rebalances that take to much time for a hotfix).

- Added (back) three missing cooking recipes involving Pumpkins. They somehow were lost in one of the updates.

- Fixed Shotguns, but also a few other guns, had wrong tags and thus gained quality from the wrong perk when crafting.

- Added Progression to Physician perk to allow it to give quality to crafted First Aid kits.

- Various Localization fixes to remove references to non-existing items, additional spaces etc.


Changes for b8

- Added the 3 newly added vehicles to the road and POI placeholders so they spawn in the world. They are a bit rarer than the military vehicles.

- Added 2 lootlist, 1 for the Utility vehicles (containing whatever Stiff or MoPower boxes can contain) and 1 for the Ambulance, which is medical item and tool oriented.


UI Fixes

- Map Screen changed to fit with changes to paging header.

- Quest Screen changed to fit with changes to paging header.

- Removed info on compare that was on a weird place, will be added back when I redesign that window.

- Fixed title of vehicle container name text being really small.

- Fixed vehicle fuel/hp bars grey overlay to match the other bars (it was pushed off-screen). I will upload this all to both branches, which makes this stable and then update the manual packages. Launcher info will be updated, but likely will not be visible until the launcher updates it's records.


This includes all the changes listed in the post above on the UI and zombie skins that came with A19.1.

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I have been working a bit on a next patch, 0.8.2c, which will be released in a moment to the launcher and then to the manual download. Most notably it will fix the annoying UI bug where the craft action was on the wrong spot causing it to overlap with the first slot in the belt. There was no real change that needed Gnamod to update to make it compatible with 19.2, so this version is compatible with 19.1 and 19.2 still.

- Minor rebalance to amount of usable world vehicles (seemed it was still to high now that the on

-hud icon reveals them from much further).

- Replaced vanilla vending machine with proper placeholder like intended. You will now not find one that gets restocked outside of traders.

- Changed some items and blocks to different item groups that are more clear (like bundles of ammo components to ammo etc).

- Bookshelves and Electronic shelves now properly degrade on looting in a puff of smoke to an empty shelf.

- Fixed display issue on some food items.

- Fixed issue where dropped First Aid kit would not be very visible, now drops as a sack item.

- First aid bandage now has a proper price that is equal to 1 bandage + 1 cream item. - Torches, Candles, Schematics, Quests no longer stack.

- Plantfibers uses the correct hand and drop model again.

- Changed icon of starter note to that of a quest so it does not look like the useless Duke note of vanilla.

- Localized Cook/Mix/Craft all to the English 'Make', and Drink and Eat to the English 'Consume' so these actions are more generic. (in other languages they are not changed). - Some tweaks to loot balance, most notable the contents of technical trucks has been balanced towards more construction and resources and less to tools.

- Removed duplicate Juccajuice recipe and moved Juice and Smoothy to campfire. Added a recipe for cornmeal from Supercorn.

- Did a touchup to the trader POIs (Most notably fixed the rock in Rekt's place making a hole and made Joel's place use stronger materials on the supports so it does not collapse when you place or remove 1 block).

- Added A17 icon for Blunderbuss ammo and restored A18 Ice block icon.

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is there way to play only horde mode? i mean tower defense with vanilla recipes, zombies, etc?


btw I was discouraged by one-shot full hp spitting birds on the second night

how i have to play this?:D difficulty 2 haha

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On 1/9/2021 at 8:38 PM, bachgaman said:


is there way to play only horde mode? i mean tower defense with vanilla recipes, zombies, etc?


btw I was discouraged by one-shot full hp spitting birds on the second night

how i have to play this?:D difficulty 2 haha




Horde Mode is an add-on to Gnamod and gets its balance and implementation 95% from Gnamod Core. Separating it to work with vanilla would be a totally different mod, something that is very far from what I do. 

Playing this on Insane may indeed prove to be very very hard, not recommended if you are new to Gnamod and how it works compared to vanilla. On default the birds should not one-shot the player, though they are still very nasty.

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