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Question about modding.


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I've been doing some client modifications, changing how a good amount of features work, I've altered the dlls of the game but I'm worried about EAC. I test it with EAC off but I'm worried about a EAC ban on my local server because half the games I play use EAC. Am I good if the server has it off and so does my client on launch?


Do I have anything to worry about?


I've changed how the secure storage containers/doors auth there is no auth & container sizes are altered, I've also made a endless horde night, I've granted players levels based on the horde night level with the multiplier ever increasing. I'm going to end up adding custom weapons and custom weapon icons for the weapons maybe custom zombies if the weapons work right.


Would anyone be interested in this?

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I dont think disabling EAC just for 7D2d will affect your other EAC enabled games at all. Theres a lot of mod overhauls at the moment that a lot of people are running and working on. Im working on like 4 at the moment lol.


For someone just starting out, your best bet I think would be to get yourself a server and test all your stuff on there, try some different mods and variations out and get it nice and solid. Then advertise on some discord channels for players. The official 7d2d channel has a sub channel just for server adverts. Welcome to the community!

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