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Looking for partners to stream...


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Long time no see... :D


Now that my Streaming PC is finished, I'm going to start streaming on Twitch. Looks like I'll be playing from 9:30p - 12:30a Eastern on Twitch.


My standard group has disappeared, so I'm looking for at least one or more players with access to a good microphone and a friendly personality. I have a private server and Ventrilo version 3 for Voice chat.


The server will be Random Gen, with longer game days but stock other than that, although depending on who is playing we can probably negotiate some of that. Definitely PVE, with friendly fire off mainly because I am a good base builder but not the best shot with an arrow. ;)


Interested? Send me an email at lowfdog@gmail.com or through here, and we can talk. I tend to build ridiculous things once I get our initial base built. Last time we had a tunnel that went 1.4 km under an enormous base, etc.


It's probably going to take me a few days as I get all the technical kinks worked out, but I've got audio and the Dogcam working.


Anyway, let me know, and I hope to see you online!

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