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madmole video about reworked perks and my tought.

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Hey tft


excuse my poor writings,


i dont care where the master chef goes but in strenght?


try make perks so we can have items we find compliment the perks or fullfill then 100%


example am not sure if u guys been thinking about it but books u make with no thinking? books in fallout gives perma stats right?


lets say u dont have 5 of all perks and let something compliment the end. perks seem dull in a way, but better to not be level locked i like that. but if u implement items we can grind, make perks more fluid not sure how but. i understand the range melee choice in all perks threes but agane perception


should go for range like it was and stealth, also am not sure what to think after those videos. hmmm. good progress but maby check if any thing can be done.


also master chef i only take 1 point and i dont need anything else.. food last so long now basiclly 2 point just to harvest more and let it regrow only purpose rest is just royality in a sense.. maby make perks harder to get not sure of an solution yet, i had it this morning but i forgot it xD.


aw yes i remember now itwas about the carry weight, somehow we get limited with pockets and perks is that correct? i mean i only take 1 point of mule then am alright, in ARK thats all we do carry stuff around so all points in carry weight, but in 7d2d if we could find inventory space around that be cool,


BUT we gonna get the motor bike sooner or later and those has a whole inventory so i dont understand the stress about why that is so. vedui commentary of madmoles strenght video has more on this.

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