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Need Help With Prefabs Please Having Errors when Loading Game

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I just made a prefab, saved it from within game and put the file in the rwgmixer.xml on our server


I start the game then start to go in the server and I get this error all over the place in Red along with Yellow text saying it is skipping the file.


This is what is in red: Block name to ID mapping file missing


The file is in the rwgmixer.xml and all four files are also in the prefabs folder this is what I have for the coding for the prefab:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<property name="CopyAirBlocks" value="True" />

<property name="ExcludeDistantPOIMesh" value="False" />

<property name="ExcludePOICulling" value="False" />

<property name="YOffset" value="-1" />

<property name="RotationToFaceNorth" value="2" />

<property name="Zoning" value="Commercial,downtown,ResidentialNew" />

<property name="AllowedTownships" value="city,town,rural,wilderness" />

<property name="TraderArea" value="False" />

<property name="DistantPOIYOffset" value="0" />

<property name="AllowTopSoilDecorations" value="True" />

<property name="EditorGroups" value="Wilderness,commercial" />

<property name="DifficultyTier" value="1" />



It is not suppose to have sleepers i want it in the world which the prefab filename i did put in multiple locations in rwgmixer.xml. here is just one of the lines added:


<prefab name="rd_wagehouse" max_count="1" />


and these are the four files in the prefab folder: rd_wagehouse.xml , rd_wagehouse is a MPEG-2 file, rd_wagehouse.ins, and for the last one: rd_wagehouse.blocks.nim\


Does anyone have any idea why I am getting a ton of those errors please?


Thank You,


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upload your rwgmixer and prefab files, check spelling, what is the error your getting, sounds like your prefab has a block that your blocks file doesnt have, prefabs have to be on server as well as client, backup your client install, download fresh files, insert prefab and adjust rwgmixer, make sure works, attempt same thing with server hosting it as well.

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ok when I did put it on my machine (client) i did not get the errors but before I did that and I was getting the errors in console the prefab did spawn still in the world I did find 3 of them. A16 did push the prefabs to the client like in recent updates. Why would they once again make it so the prefab has to be on the client machine also?


I mean it did show up on the server. And I have always taken pride in making my server so nobody would have to download any files to play on the server.


So I am guessing unless I make it so they have to download a file to play and not have any errors on their machines I am outta luck in adding any new prefabs in the world?


But ok then why would they not get any errors if we manually put in a prefab that we created and have manually placed in the world?


THanks Again for the help,


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Do any of you have a script or program that I might be able to use that will install files such as prefabs and icons possibly automatically to a clients computer. The one thing that I worry about the most and the real reason we dont have files for players to have to download is that Some of them might not know where or even how to install a file or folder on their game manually.


Something that I could actually use where all they would have to do is run the program and it did the work for them would be great. If I had something like that then I would Def put prefabs on it for that or even the rwgmixer.xml that would over right theirs and put the prefabs in the correct folder on their systems.


Even though I got the errors too when going on the server I did however still find the house prefab on the server. Why would that still work even when I got the errors as well?


Thank You again for your help :)


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I do have another question please,


I also created a quest that for some reason the players can read it more than once and I only want them to be able to read it once can you tell me if possible what is wrong with the item and quest ? Here are the two codes now:


<item name="Job Creator">

<property name="Extends" value="challengeQuestMaster"/>

<property name="CustomIcon" value="meleeToolHuntingKnifeSchematic"/>

<property name="CustomIconTint" value="ef887f"/>

<property name="SellableToTrader" value="false"/>

<property class="Action0">

<property name="QuestGiven" value="Jobchooseonce"/>




now the quest


<quest id="Jobchooseonce">

<property name="name_key" value="Jobchooseonce" />

<property name="subtitle_key" value="Jobchooseonce" />

<property name="description_key" value="Jobchooseonce" />

<property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_zombie" />

<property name="repeatable" value="false" />

<property name="category_key" value="challenge" />

<property name="offer_key" value="read it then accept it to get a choose job book. Then create the job book that you want. After choosing job if you change your mind you can craft back into a choose job book and pick another job to learn what they all have to offer." />

<reward type="Exp" value="250" />

<reward type="Item" id="Choose Job" value="1" />



Tried changing silence of the lambs quest to false on repeatable and it worked fine?


Very strange hope you can help me here also

Thank You,


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I have never used the Mod Launcher with any of my stuff before.


looking at the mod launcher now I just need to click on Add new My Mods?


Then just fill in the blanks? I dont have a Server Group Name? My server name and my server description I know and i just drag the location of each file or folder I am guessing?


Can I only put lets say the entire prefabs folder in with my new prefabs? or does it have to be a zip file and where can I actually upload such a directory that has over 2,000 files in it?


Also if I can do that does the mod launcher know where to put that folder in at? I mean the prefab folder with the new prefabs would have to be copied over the original prefab folder.


Sorry I ask alot of questions but I'm really stuck on how to upload to a site which i dont know of and use the link to it on the mod launcher then knowing if they click on the prefabs for my server how does the mod launcher know where to put it at?


Oh and P.S. Found out what was wrong with the quests.... They have to be in lower case letters for them to work correctly. If not the repeatable equals false does not work very strange indeed and how was I to know lol.


Thank You for your help I really do appreciate it.


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Hm, I was assuming you were running specific mods not a bundle of mods; um, you may want to package it as a mod, upload it to git, then ask Sphereii how to use a link to your "mod", but all of this seems overkill for what you're looking to do.


For your situation, I'd zip the entire mods folder that's on the server, share THAT zip with your clients, then have them unzip that folder into their clients, overwriting any files. That should create the right file hierarchy to work.

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