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Stuck on Downloading Map 100%


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Hello all, I'm having this problem. I tried Google and didnt find anything to fix this. So, when I try to join a Dedicated server, I get to Downloading Map 100% and then it just sits infinitely. If I create my own world, or join someone's private world, I can load in fine. I went onto Steam to Validate the game files, and everything Validated fine. I am at a loss, because if I cannot join a Dedicated server, then if I decide to get my own Dedicated server, I won't be able to play there either, need help pls! Thanks.

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This happens a lot if you were playing on a public server, and it had a map wipe.


You will need to delete the locally saved server data in your %appdata%\7DaysToDie\SavesLocal folder. Deleting everything will wipe all data from all servers you play on. This will require re-syncing data with all the servers you play on, so you don't want to do that. :smile-new:

You can find the folder specific for the server by checking the information in the Hosts file inside each folder. (Sort by date and the most recent is likely the one you need.)

If you open the Hosts.txt file inside the folder, it will show the IP and Port of the server.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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