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17.4: are auto turrets broken?


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So we did not start a new game when 17.4 hit, but everything seemed to be working okay.


Until I remove a shotgun turret and replaced it with an auto turret.


Now the auto turret will not target nd shoot at zombies.


It's powered.

It hs bullets.

I can access the turret and fire it manually.

Zombies are selected as a hostile target.


But when a zombie comes by: nothing.


If I empty the bullets and reload them (and relock them into position) ... the turret will fire ONCE ... and then stop firing after that.


Anyone else experiencing this?

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That is strange, there are some bugs in 17.4 that make no sense, like not being able to throw a molotov off a ledge sometimes. I would report it in the bugs section. It looks like if you replace a turret with another in the same spot it breaks. Goofier things have happened in this game.

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